What is sentencing? What changes would you recommend to the sentencing process?

    Sentencing is the punishment placed upon an individual once he/she has been convicted of a crime.   This is determined by a judicial authority, namely a judge and there are several factors that go into the sentencing process.   When prisons were first being established they went through several different models to decide how they will be structured and what they will be used for; rehabilitation or punishment was one question.   They also went through how the criminals would serve out their time; would it be undetermined or will they serve out the sentence given regardless of circumstances surrounding each individual?   Philosophical plays a role in this because it is thought that offenders will take their rehabilitation more seriously and actively work harder towards it if there is the possibility that they may be released early.  
    I believe that the sentencing process in our justice system is not completely broken and seems to be working for all of these years, so leave it alone.   With every change comes pros and cons and if we begin to make changes every time we have a few cons then our criminal justice system would lose its credibility.   When offenders commit crimes they don’t do it in a structured or uniformed way   so the sentencing process will never be perfect to fit every different situation.   The discretion that judges are given is in place for this reason and if they are unbiased and fair in their decisions then we won’t need to change the system of sentencing.