Sentencing Paper


                                                          Sentencing Paper
                                                              Kim Allen                      
                                                        September 2, 2012
                                                            Brenda Barney

                                                        Sentencing Paper

There are four philosophical reasons for sentencing criminals we will discuss the traditional and enlightened views.   The first is “retribution which is the earliest known rationale for punishment” which followed the Old Testament of an “eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, or the act of taking revenge on a criminal perpetrator.”   This form of punishment was usually swift and severe and could be executed on the spot without benefit of a trial for the accused.   Even today, “retribution corresponds to the just desserts model of sentencing which posits that the criminal offender deserve the punishment they receive at the hands of the law and the punishments should be appropriate to the type and severity of the crime committed.” (Schaller, 2011, pg. 373)
Next is incapacitation where the criminal is locked up away from society in order to keep citizens safe and to keep the criminal from committing more crimes.   Also used in ancient times...