Education Physical
The purpose of education is to open your mind to new ideas. By opening your mind to new ideas, you attain knowledge. Knowledge is power, the more you know, and the more respect you’ll receive from others and the wiser you’re decision making will be. Education is important, because it prepares you for wise leadership and personal achievement. Everyone learns differently, and I have discovered the way I learn best. I learn best when I am allowed to think freely and outside the box. For ex: If someone claims that the apple is green, I would go above and beyond to discover why exactly is the apple green, and its chemical composition. Education is what opens doors for individuals; it provides a pathway for success. People can take a lot of things away from you in life, but the one thing they cannot deprive you of is your education; education is the key to life’s fulfillment of dreams and desires.
I would like to thank you for your time. I look forward to your feedback. Here you will have witnessed my 12th grade education at Forest Park High School in English Literature. I have learned a lot this year and i look forward to learning even more as I continue through higher education. This year has encouraged me to never quit and to follow my dreams no matter the obstacles presented, no matter what the outsiders have to say about my aspirations. One day I am going to be successful, content with my life lived. This is only the beginning of my journey towards real life and education as a whole.