Senior Year

Jacinda Adams
Instructor Rogers
English 1301.002
22 September 2015
What do you think?
Look back on your senior year of high school. What did you do all year? Did you party, cut up, and not pay attention to anything unless it dealt with your after school activities? Or did you listen to the advice your teachers gave you about life and learn a great deal of responsibility? Well I know my senior year of high school was certainly stressful, but it made me into a mature and responsible young woman that I am today. I cut up and skipped class a few times, but that didn’t mean I didn’t learn loads of stuff my senior year. I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it wasn’t for my senior year. So my question for you is, is senior year a waste of time or is it essential on our road to success?
One major reason why senior year should be eliminated, is for the reason that, yes some kids do slip up and not pay attention to anything besides their off school activities. By the time senior year rolls around they have already been with the same teachers for 4 years, so they know what they can get away with and what they can’t. They mostly do whatever they want. They blow off class and they don’t truly learn school subjects in their senior year classes that will help them in that extent of things. The teachers just don’t teach the students the curriculum they are supposed to.
However saying that, senior year should not be eliminated, because you learn so many life lessons your senior year. Filling out all the countless number or scholarship packets and turning them in on time, teaches you tons of responsibility. Teachers your senior year of high school don’t genuinely care if you turn stuff in on time, they just overlook if it is late. But if you don’t turn them scholarship packets in on time, you don’t have a chance to obtain that scholarship. It makes you realize that you are really about to be on your own and you will must be accountable for your mistakes and your work....