Senior Class Privileges (Persuasive Essay)

Many people don’t consider the amount of work seniors do; it’s generally assumed that twelfth grade is a time to let go of responsibilities and live carelessly. However, I disagree, and that’s why I believe seniors should have a shorter school week. That may sound contradictory, but a longer weekend would be more convenient than it seems.
The weekend is a great way to utilize a student’s time and get work done. Four days a week at school is still plenty of time to focus on education and school activities, and a longer weekend gives students more time to finish assignments on their own. Because some students prefer working alone in silence, an extra day off of school would let them do just that.
Something important to take into consideration is the reward system, which is already often used. Only students who are passing each of their classes should be allowed a three-day weekend, as a reward for the hard work they’re putting in. Additionally, a regular five-day week for students who are failing at least one class gives those students more opportunities to either get help from teachers or focus primarily on their assignments. While some students prefer working alone, others prefer working in an educational environment.
School is a long journey with few breaks, and seniors have endured it the longest. Longer breaks relieve stress, letting students relax from the pressure forced on them. Twelfth grade is an important year - this is a fact that has been implanted in every student’s mind since elementary – and working under the weight of stress is exhausting. This fact applies not only to seniors, but to every grade, every student, and every teacher. In fact, it really applies to anyone who participates in something that requires a lot of effort.
Essentially, the privilege of a four-day week is not only a reward, but a legitimately educational option that each student can benefit from. This is something the senior class can hope to achieve and work toward, either...