The Right to Bear Arms

  There are so many current issues going on within the United States and abroad, which made it very difficult to decide which one to choose.   The issue I have chosen is “The Right to Bear Arms”.   This affects every citizen in the United States.   The controversy over having the right to bear arms has been going on since the 2nd Amendment was passed.   Some people believe that the Second Amendment states that only militia should be the once allowed to carry weapons.   This may be so to protect the Nation from outsiders, but who will protect the citizens while they are away?   If that is the case, is there really enough militia to protect each individual American from harm?   There are good and bad to both sides of every story, but in this case, I do believe that you should always be ready to protect yourself and your property at any given point in time.  

  As citizens we should be allowed to carry a concealed handgun to protect ourselves from the ones that choose not to have any moral standards.   According to Jones, (Gallups Poll Briefing, 2008), “Seventy-three percent of Americans believe the Constitution’s 2nd Amendment guarantees the right to own guns.”   My stand on making concealed weapons illegal will make the crime rate rise signifinically.   This will be because the already violators of the law won’t have to worry about anyone fighting against them, protecting their property.   According to Cohen (Times, 2010), “Forty percent of Americans thought gun-control laws should be more strict and forty-two percent felt they should be kept as they are.”   I agree that we do need to work with the National Rifle Association and be more detailed in who we allow to carry a concealed weapon.

  Owning and carrying a concealed weapon is a right of the Constitution and I believe that we should be able to keep that right.   The articles that I found and took notes about support my thesis thoroughly and clearly.   Our military are trained to protect...