Self Review and Needs Analysis

This assignment (FDE1000 Part A) is a self-review and needs analysis on my existing knowledge and skills base accrued during placement within St Joseph’s primary school, Ballybot Community Association and Sticky Fingers which is a Children’s Arts Organisation. The standards I will be assessing myself on in order to establish my beginning skill level will all   be included within The Common Core of Skills and Knowledge 2010 (CC), Early Years Teachers Standards 2013 (EYTS) and The Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation stage 2014 (EYFS).

    TNA is the technique that you undertake to detect the training and development needs of individuals. This allows people to carry out their job role adequately and competently while also giving space to grow and develop within their job role. A TNA can mean a complete investigation into the training and needs to help develop an entire organization as a whole or it can be carried out on one specific volunteer or worker. The training that follows a TNA should be relevant to meet the needs or the organization or individual, this will have positive effects for the organizing as a whole.

    Having completed a TNA on myself I was able to see where my strengths and weaknesses lie.   For standard 5.1 (Have a secure understanding of how a range of factors can inhibit children’s learning and development and how best to address these) I gave myself a three out of five. As part of the Community Group we traveled from N.Ireland to Chessington Adventure Park and Zoo with a group of 27 children who had an age range of three to twelve. Having a child in our care with ADHD meant that we had to take different measures to safeguard this child and still make him feel included in all the activities the group took part in. To do this we repeated instructions and directions frequently e.g. “When we get off the bus stay by our side”, we had an adult with us who could have a 1:1 with this child if needed. Going into a school which has a...