Self Reflection on Councillingself Reflection on Counselling Skill Session (Dvd Analysis)

This essay is about a brief overview of a self-reflective evaluation of the counselling skills applied in the making of my DVD in my first counselling session. I will give an explanation and demonstrate the learning process of undertaking the journey of therapeutic relationship with the client. The essay will also discuss from my point of view how I think my client and I felt during the session. It will include the way I responded to the client’s issues, reflecting at my body language and tone of voice. In the conclusion, I will give an explanation of what I feel I have learnt in this experience, what I found challenging and what I need to try and improve in these areas to become an effective counsellor.
The practicing session took place on the 19th of May 2015 at the campus in the counselling suite room 5.   The room was well arranged and organized for the session. Because the place is always busy, I decided to place a do not disturb sign at the front of the door to avoid distraction’s that may   occur. My client arrived on time and I welcomed her in. Before starting the session, I warmly greeted the client and introduced myself to make her feel welcome and comfortable during the session.   I explained to the client how safe the place was and how important confidentiality is maintained but again I let her become aware of the circumstances of when confidentiality can be broken. Rogers (1942-2008) acknowledged that the counselling therapy and relationship provides a safe, respectful and dependable environment that allows a person to express their feelings and problems in a confidential manner knowing that the counsellor will not judge them, but instead will listen and support them in the process.
Because I was not aware of the client’s concerns, and again to make her started, I began by telling the client how happy I was to know what had brought her to the session, and allowed her time to start when she...