Self Managed Teams

Unit #7 Assignment Questions:   Self-Managed Teams

Explain how self-managed teams could be used at Sandwich Blitz to allow Jack more time to devote to growing the business?

In self-managed teams much of the responsibility and authority for making management decisions are turned over to a group of people who perform interdependently in order to accomplish an assigned task.

Self-managed teams offer a number of potential advantages that could be used at Sandwich Blitz; including stronger commitment, employee and customer satisfaction, improved quality, enhanced efficiency, and faster product and service development.   Nevertheless, there are some drawbacks, one in which self-managed teams are difficult to implement and they risk failure when used in inappropriate situations or without sufficient leadership or support.   Some organizations have been disappointed with the results from self-managing teams.

In the case of Sandwich Blitz it could work to a certain extent, such as having the team members cross-trained to do various jobs which probably would increase the flexibility of the team in dealing with personnel shortages and some of the “little fires”, Jack had to put out.   Therefore, implementing Jack’s and Jenny’s knowledge of work processes with the teams would help the team members solve problems and develop improvements; it would also probably help lower any absenteeism that may have existed in the past, which would free up some of Jack’s and Jenny’s time.

However, Jack would have to select team members in which he would feel comfortable with, the latitude of issues that would need to be handled, and the continued existence of the team.   As stated above, self-managed teams are difficult to implement, and Jack would need to take that into consideration and be willing to invest some of his time into developing the team and then removing himself once he feels comfortable with team...