Self Analysis

I’m Angela. I like being called Angie, Ang, Bird, and Batman. I like giving people nicknames and I like receiving nicknames. I like people with unique names. I like names. I like giving things names. I think everything deserves a name.  
I like the sweet smell of hot asphalt in the afternoon. I like running around barefoot. I like rolled up sleeves. I like bright red ladybugs. I like drinks in pitchers. I like reading under trees. I like biting straws. I like picnic tables. I like shady spots. I like pleasant anticipation. I like being liked. I like rolling around in the grass. I like leather bracelets. I like peekaboos. I like wavy hair. I like boys in shorts and jeans. I like amethyst. I like river stones. I like how the world looks yellow in the summertime. I like how happy you can make someone with a little compliment. I like sitting on bridges. I like time capsules. I like black and white tiled floors. I like gasoline rainbows. I like when boys try to cheer me up. I like dream meanings. I like antique wooden furniture with peeling paint. I like red barn doors. I like long skirts and flip flops. I like hugs from behind. I like being told that I’m loved. I really like that.
I like good coffee. I like old fashioned feather dusters. I like long strands of pearls. I like the bell jar. I like running my hand through racks of clothes. I like soft palms. I like when hands fit perfectly together. I like sentences that don’t make sense. I like deep fried chicken. I like pretty old buttons. I like reading books under blankets. I like comfy velvet couches. I like boys in waffle shirts. I like going on picnics. I like long shiny hair. I like walking through the woods. I like closing my eyes and running. I like the pale green of budding trees. I like when people say I love you. I like cream puffs. I like southern boys with slow drawls. I like comfortable silences. I like lying on people’s laps. I like sleeping in odd places. I like cowboy hats. I like cowboy boots. I...