Protecting Yourself:

In the Computer Lab…
• Please, no running.
• Coats, bags and other items should be placed under your desks or on the coat rack.   It’s easy to trip!
• Periodically glance away from the screen.   Staring into a computer monitor too long will strain your eyes.
• Let an instructor know if the colour scheme, font size, or other settings of your computer are causing strain on your eyes.   There are many built-in ways to adjust these settings for comfort.
• Avoid long sessions of typing as they may cause repetitive stress injuries to your hands.
• Maintain good posture to ease your back.
• Keep the noise level to a minimum.
• Be aware of the fire exits and the location of this room’s fire extinguishers.

When working inside of a computer case…
• Don’t attempt to touch any live wires.   The high voltage in this country can kill!
• Don’t open the computer’s power supply or monitor.   There is nothing inside either that can be repaired except by a professional, but there are many things that can injure you.
• Watch out for sharp metal edges!

• Don’t sit in front of the computer all day.   It is not your friend, it’s just a tool!   Get out and exercise, chat with your mates, and have a life!

Protecting the Equipment:

In the Computer Lab…
• Please, no food or drink near the computers!
• Always shut down the computer via Windows’ Start button
• Use a surge protector to keep excess electric power from damaging your computer
• Unplug the computer or turn off the wall socket when the machine is not in use.
• Excessive heat can damage the computers.   Please ensure that the room temperature stays cool.
• Motion can damage some computer components.   Try to move laptop computers as little as possible, especially when the hard drive or the floppy drive is whirring.
• Note all serial numbers, in case of theft.
• Always have at least two copies of all your important files, in case the worse happens!   Especially in busy offices,...