Security Organization

The Security Organization
Phase II Discussion Board
By: Kristal Smith
Professor: Blair Ettinger
August 24, 2010

Good Afternoon ladies and Gentlemen my name is Kristal Smith I am the president of Ajax Security Management Company. Claims of negligent hiring are a serious legal issue that could possibly arise at our company. I would like to discuss what negligent hiring is and what actions can be taken to prevent our recruitment and selection process from a negligent hiring claim as well as some examples of a negligent hiring claim.

Negligent hiring is a claim made be an injured person against an employer. This claim would be based upon the employer having the knowledge that the employee’s background indicates a dangerous or untrustworthy character. (Johnson 2005) The employee shall also take reasonable care in hiring the worker, examining their complete background, drug testing, as well as checking references from previous employers. To become a security guard here in Colorado Springs CO all employees must complete all of the training issued, no license required but in order to carry a handgun you will need a license for carrying a concealed weapon.

Before any employee is hired at the Ajax security management company they must agree to the terms and conditions of a complete background check. A background check will bring to life any and all arrests and court cases. Failure to complete a thorough background check can lead to liability and legal issues. At our company we also have security guards that roam the area in patrol cars. Before any employee is able to become a driver a complete driving history is reviewed to determine if he/she is component in driving and we would be able to trust them in one of our vehicles.

The management would be held responsible if a person got hurt due to the lack of knowledge of another employee. A thorough background check would determine if a person was ever arrested and/or convicted of a crime. Every single person is...