For Joseph Mackatozi, life was difficult, losing his mother at an early age and living with his father thereafter. Nevertheless, he was determined and passed his schooling career with flying colours. As a child he always displayed diligence on a level much higher than anyone of his age. He also possessed another trait, one that no matter where or when, he would always come to the surface of his being; this was his love for the sky. It was only a matter of weeks after Joseph had finished his senior year that he was approached by a multinational company who were generous enough to fund him in his studies in whichever field he deemed appropriate. His obvious choice was piloting. His college life was not of the ordinary student, for he was no “ordinary” person. He duly noted the attempt of the opposite sex to get his attention but knew his place in the world and more importantly he knew his purpose.
Six long, gruelling years later Joseph finds himself sitting in the cockpit of a prototype mach3 combat aircraft, capable of cracking the sound barrier with minimum thrust from its engines – codenamed – “CharlieSixThree”. Equipped with 22 heat seeking missiles, multi barrel cannon’s and 2 geo-nuclear thermal bombs, this fighter plane alone can win a war. But with such great power comes great responsibility therefore Joe’s superiors, the reigning generals of the United States air force, have taken much pain in keeping their recent activities a well kept secret, for if this plane were to fall into the wrong hands one cannot begin to estimate the havoc and mayhem that can be unleashed. Joseph’s occupation was to test prototype aircraft, some of the most potent killing machines on the face of the earth, and give his verdict before they are sent into action.
On the third day of testing, in a remote location along the border of Switzerland, Joseph decided to take his aircraft to new speeds, flying well above the radar beacons he knew his secret was safe, as long as he was in...