Secret River

Conflict 3#
In life we struggle everyday, however there is one struggle in life that everybody would have experienced, not just in today’s society but throughout history that recalls emotions and has an forever lasting consequences, whether they are positive or negative. That struggle is very common and every ones knows it as conflict.   An example   of a struggle can be explained when Japan invaded China, the attempts was like genocide of the Chinese people during WWII. On a smaller note but no less horrific scale, The indigenous people of Australia were massacred because the Europeans settlers were a bunch of ignorant to their unique way of life. Conflict has   an effect where such a enormous loss of life can still be felt today by the surviving victims and the families that lost loved ones.

The Second Sino- Japanese War which resulted in the deaths of 1.7 million deaths, 1.9 million wounded and around 300,000 woman were raped. Till today Chinese Children’s of the Sino Japanese war survivors have a very high risk of developing psychiatric symptoms such as depression and anxiety because of being exposed to their traumatized parents and because of this war many Chinese citizen has started to grow hatred towards the Japanese people, like recently when Japan had a earthquake which had a death toll of 1600 people, China decided to give funds, supplies and send rescue team, when the citizens of China heard this news everyone opposed the governments decisions and had a theory that Japan had this earthquake because of the invasion of China back in 1937. This not only proves that conflict has a devastating effect on those involved but also for the future generations as well.

In the Novel “The Secret River” , Kate Grenville touched on the subject basing her massacre scene when in the waterloo creek four white servants were found murdered, The white people requested protection and   the major and twenty three mounted police killed an unknown number of indigenous...