Secondary Student Activity

Secondary Student Activity
In recent decades technology has completely changed not only the way we live but also the way students learn.   This is because education is becoming more flexible and accessible due to various new educational technologies that have been implemented into the classroom. As future educators we can only expect the use of technology to increase in schools with the purpose to help students learn more easily and quickly while being user friendly and also affordable. Technologies such as personal tablets, desk sized surface screens, digital classrooms and libraries and much more expected in future classrooms. More collaborative and creative learning is also expected in the future instead of actual physical labor such as copying notes, etc.
Personal Tablets
By the year 2045 or even years before I believe that each student K-12 will have his or her own personal tablet for school and home use. Provided by the school these tablets will take the place of simple binders and loose-leaf paper. Documents and activities will be completed and turned in with these tablets to an online database that serves as a collection of student works. Writing on them with a pen made specifically for the tablets making writing on them just as second nature as our generation is with writing on paper. With this technology students will be able to examine and maintain all of their works throughout their school years. In addition these tablets will be completely wireless so that students will be able to access their school assignments anywhere at anytime. These tablets are talked mentioned by Karehka Ramey (2012), as she even states that these tablets will be flexible and abstract giving images more of a 3D and virtual aspect. She also talks about electronic paper screens however I believe that tablets will serve as these as well.
Desks with Surface Screens
Another innovative idea that Karehka Ramey (2012) mentions is desks that have actual screens...