Seasons of the Church

Praying through the Liturgy

The Liturgical Cycle: The Seasons of the Church Year

1st Season (November to December) – Advent
  * Advent Lasts 4 weeks
  * Preparing for the Birth of Jesus
  * Welcoming Jesus into our lives
  * Color’s of Advent is Purple and Pink
  * Pink and Purple candles are placed on a wreath
  * A new candle is lit every week
  * Pink Candle Means rejoice

2nd Season – Christmas
  * The celebration of Jesus’ birth
  * The festivity of the birth of Jesus in tiny stable in Bethlehem
  * It is also commemoration of Jesus uniting the world, as the 3 wise men were not Jewish.

3rd Season – Ordinary Time
  * Occurs between Christmas and Lent, Pentecost and Advent
  * “Ordinary time” is not simple “time in-between” or “ordinary”
  * It is a time for slow growth of the seed, for cultivating the plant, for regular watering and fertilization through prayer, and living Christ’s message in our family, our workplace and the world.
  * This means praying and living out the teachings of Jesus
  * Walking humbly and reaching out to those in need.

4th Season – Lent
  * Last’s a time frame of 40 day’s
  * The whole purpose of lent is a concept of trying to better ourselves, to come before our God in the hope that we can become better people.
  * It’s reflection and days of fasting through Jesus’ experience of going into the dessert alone for 40 days.

5th Season – Easter
  * Easter begins with the entry into Jerusalem on a donkey by Jesus (Palm Sunday) All the way to the celebration of Easter Sunday.
  * Easter Triduum - Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Sunday
  * Easter is the celebration of Jesus’ resurrection from the cross

6th Season – Easter (THE SEASON)
  * Easter Sunday
  * Second Sunday to the Seventh Sunday After Easter
  * The Ascension of the Lord

7th Season – Pentecost
  * Resurrection to New Life
  * Pentecost reminds us of love
  * It...