Seargants Major

“If I Were 2-25 AVN Regt. CSM For a Day”
“If I were the Battalion Command Sergeant Major for one day, what would I change and why?” Most soldiers cannot understand the amount of responsibilities and knowledge a senior Noncommissioned Officer possesses, until they have earned the rank and position. Although I do not posses the rank, responsibility or knowledge of a Command Sergeant Major, I experience and see how junior enlisted soldiers and NCO’s operate on a daily basis.
To begin with, soldiers in an aviation unit are always working to keep up with the fast pace mission. Whether it be training for combat or keeping aircraft at the highest overall readiness level. This fast pace keeps a lot of soldiers from actually having a Tropic Lightning Thursday. As Command Sergeant Major I would ensure all soldiers have a Tropic Lightning Thursday. Especially with the non-stop training and upcoming deployment to Afghanistan it is an important time for families. I would do this by speaking to the Commander and helping motivate soldiers to complete their task.
Furthermore, all soldiers have ideas, input or even complaints for the battalion that should be heard. As Command Sergeant Major I would take the chance to sit with the lower enlisted soldiers and NCO’s to listen to their views about the present system and status of the battalion. I would gather their ideas on how to improve it and take action.   I would choose to directly communicate with my enlisted soldiers because they see what I can’t always see. They are the people who truly experience the difficulties in the battalion. Enlisted soldiers understand the problems and they have the solution to the problems. More importantly, the enlisted soldiers are directly involved in fulfilling the duties and responsibilities of the battalion.
Finally, Some soldiers face difficulties upholding the standard and maintaining the physical readiness the U.S. Army expects. As Command Sergeant Major I would take the chance to run...