The poem that I am going to analyze is titled "All the World's a Stage  by William Shakespeare. The topic of this poem is about Life. The theme of this poem was about the different stages that each person goes through in life. Proof of this theme would be in line 4, "And one man in his time plays many parts, His acts being seven ages.  The tone of this poem was very casual and humorous, as were some of Shakespeare's plays. The intention of this poem was to bring out the similarities between each persons lives and when it comes to age periods we experience similar ones.

The Language used in this poem was fairly understandable, but some words were difficult because it was only used in the Shakespearian time. For example, the word pantaloon had to be looked up because it was a foolish old man from a traditional character in comedy of Shakespeare's time. There were several examples of figures of speech used in this poem such as simile. "Sighing like a Furnace  was one example of a simile. This example added to the topic because at your young adult years you feel tired. Repetition was also used in this poem, "Sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything.  This added to the theme because when death arrives no matter who it is, you loose everything.

This poem had 28 lines in one big stanza. It was written in an open form or "free verse  as it did not follow any particular rhyming scheme. This poem had a repeating punctuation. Throughout the poem there were commas at the end of each line except the ending.

I thought this poem was a very interesting one because I've never read a poem where the poet had written about how many stages in life there are. I've always thought that there were a different amount depending on the person, but I asked my friends and they agreed with it as well.