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SDN/NFV technologies Innovative use cases and operator
strategies, Segment Analysis and Overview, Research Report
By Hexa Reports

The hype cycle for software defined networking (SDN) and network function virtualization (NFV) has
been long and steady. SDN separates control plane (network management) from data plane (traffic
handling), allowing dynamic bandwidth, provisioned with quality of service levels. NFV replaces
hardware with software apps able to operate in a compute environment, eliminating specialty WAN
equipment and associated costs.
The world's major network providers are trialing these technologies heavily to understand their benefits,
both for themselves and for their business customers. They also seek to understand how, if they are not
first-in, competitors with disruptive business models might try to use these emerging technologies
against them.
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Hexa Reports
Market Research Reports and Insightful Company Profiles
Key Findings

The end goal for a fully software-driven and virtualized network is clear: A dynamic, on-demand
global fabric where each application can order, set up and tear down services, performance and
features as they are needed through automated API function calls. But the correct steps from the
current state to this future end state are anything but clear.
It may seem that operators based in Asia and North America have pioneered SDN/NFV, and that
European operators (with notable exceptions such as Colt and Deutsche Telekom) are not as
advanced. When it comes to customer-facing commercial service launches, this is partly true. But
large operators realize the risks of misplaced technology bets and single vendor lock-in. A growing
number use SDN/NFV internally; they are also...