Screen Play

True of Self
Fade up from black

1. Inferno Island – sunset

  We pull out from the grain in the marbled which is a human body statue with a missing head on a pine tree woods. It was a shiny sunset. The cloud was reflection the red orange sun light. The rosy clouds in the sky at sunset are nothing, but amazing. Under the leaf of pine tree, the air is full of humid and dark. The woods have heavy fog prevailing over all the scenery. The ground is rough because of a lot of big long tree roots. The dark figure emerged out of the shadow. A deep distorted rumbling sound seems to emanate from the image.

  In the distance we can see the shadow become more and more clear and bright. It is Odyssey.

  Odyssey has strength, courage, nobility, a thirst for glory, and confidence. His most distinguishing trait, however, is his sharp intellect. He just escapes from the cave of the Cyclops. He is wearing a dirty pilos, an exomis and a broke chlamys with couple small hole. He inhale and exhale in a great disorder. He has a lot of big long scotch on his body, blood mark on his face. A big bead of swear rolls down from his forehead.   He seems like just got out from a big danger. He is alone.

  Odyssey yells to the sky and the ground hardly and loudly: I am here. Where is my crew? I am here……

  He keeps yelling; turns his head to the right and to the left over and over. He tries to look farther, and open his mouth bigger to make bigger voice until his voice trails away as dead indicating there is no one there. He waves in the air. He waves the fog. He tries to look up and down, while he searches. After couple step in the woods, he nearly stumble over the ground root. His face shows stressed, and hopeless; he looks back the root he kicked. He bends his back; putting his 2 palms on his forehead; using his figure to sweep his hair which is cover by sand.   At the same time, he tries to take a rest by lying against the tree which is next to him. When he...