Screed for Mr X

Screed for Mr X.
You are only listening to my voice, focussing on the words I am saying, feeling the thoughts and emotions that go with these words; you are so responsive and so receptive to these words, as they sink so deeply into your mind in a way that suits your life, your personality, your wishes, your personal goals and desires, these word will have a greater and greater influence over the way you think, the way you feel.   the way you behave, and because these words remain firmly embedded deep in your sub conscious mind after you leave here, they will continue to influence your thoughts, your feelings, your actions ……..wherever you are, every day.
I want you to look back at when you stood in as the manager. When you were first asked to do the job you felt confident enough to accept the challenge.

You can see yourself sitting at the desk, appreciating the feel and order of the desk, watching your colleagues around you, hearing the general comfortable noises from the around the office, remember how you felt, the feeling of success and achievement, you knew you could do the job……….you knew you could do the job, that you would be successful, that you would achieve your goals in this post.   You can see all is well in your team, you can see that your colleagues are happy and confident knowing what you expect from them.   You have stood in for the manager on several occasions, and deep down you know you were asked to do this as you are doing well, you knew you would achieve the required results and that you could accomplish what you wanted.…you were successful.   Remember when you were doing this role; remember how it felt to be asked, remember you were successful.

You are more determined than ever to remember this feeling, remembering that at the time you were comfortable with your success; you understand that you will be successful.   You know you can be accepted and successful, knowing this will let you look towards the future taking you to a place where...