1. How is technology used in teaching and learning in English primary Schools?
This is an era of technology and technology is helping in every part of our everyday life and children are the raw material of future generation so we have to prepare them according to the demand of the market as if understand the technology in a better way they can perform better in future generation. They are going to use it in their life so that they can take advantage of technology.
The advances system inside Curriculum for Excellence furnishes an extent of settings for taking in. Educators arrangement to improve successful taking in encounters for Youngsters and youngsters which are adaptable, advertise imagination and advancement and Keep pace with developments in innovations (Batcher & Lee, 2009). They help kids to improve crucial abilities to work autonomously and synergistically in little gatherings. Instructor’s necessity to help people and enlarge their taking in through perceptions, open addressing also suitable mediation. In the best cases, youngsters' encounters are joined to genuine settings (Moss et al., 2007). Solid connections are made to people and organisations with particular adroitness to offer, for example, nearby organizations and offices in the neighbourhood. Kids profit from customary chances to be included in innovations challenges which give pertinence and make connects in taking in over the educational program. They comprehend innovations interfaced inside the more extensive connection of science and comprehend the ways the planet is influenced through this association.
                          In the grade school, the advances compass an expansive region of mull over that blankets innovative improvements in the public arena, science, ICT to upgrade taking, all hands on deck, figuring science, sustenance and materials, and art, outline, designing and representation. It joins with specialized training, home commercial concerns, business instruction,...