Ebola Virus Disease and its spread

Ebola virus when breakups have case fatality up to 90% causing severe death to the patients. It often causes fatal illness in humans. Ebola basically occurs in the remote villages of central and West Africa, near forests as these viruses need some mode of transmission. However, the prove of the transmission of these viruses come from the healthy male adults or persons suffering from diseases, pregnant women and children. Studies are going till today to find out the exact reason for the mode of transmission of Ebola.
              How does Ebola spread?
  * Fluid and Secretions- Ebola got introduced in the body of humans through very close contact with the blood, organs and other kind of fluids of infected animals. In Africa, transmission of Ebola virus was found out because of the infected chimpanzees, gorillas, monkeys and porcupines found dead or in severe condition of getting ill in those rain forests. When it comes to transmission of Ebola through human to human, direct contact or close contact with the blood, segregation or organs or fluid of infected people or may be indirect contact with the dead animals that were infected from Ebola virus.
  * Direct Contact-Ceremonies such as burial ceremonies in which people get in direct contact with the body of diseased person can play a vital role in the transmission of Ebola virus. Sometimes, humans who are under treatment from these viruses since seven weeks can play a role in the transmission of these viruses. Since they need almost ten months to get completely fit. If they come in direct contact with another body, chances are there that they can spread these viruses.
  * Animals-Men working in rain forests who are in contact with monkey or pigs can be a source of Ebola transmission as these animals are the ones from where these viruses originates. Even the health care workers are getting affected when they go to treatment for the patients who are getting affected by the...