Science Is a Curse

Science is a curse as it lead to the invention of nuclear bomb which almost destroyed hiroshima & nagasaki...with the help of science's invention & discoveries...the automoblies which were invented emit out a lot of smoke[carbon monoxide ,lead etc...] which not only harm humans but also animals & plants....invention of television lead the concentation of chidren by which they can't concentrate on studies and also the damage to eyesight...many bmore inventions & discoveries you can take into account & show their disadvantages...but exactly science insn't a curse....all the best....!!!
You may pick up this topic for the debate. You can support it with the present situation. Development of science has made one's life insecure. With the increasing terrorism, missiles, chemical weapons, pollution, industry dischages, global warming, .....are the issues started due to the developments in science. So as the present day media, internet, telemetry, satelite communication etc. If all these were not available this place would have been a nice placeto be in. People would still live happily without all these new developments.
There is a drastic change in the lives we are leading today and that we had 10 years ago. Science has changed the face of the world with great advancements being made in every field. But we all know that everything has both pros and cons. The most suitable example that can be quoted here is that of the traditional light bulbs.

These incandescent light bulbs, though helped the world coming out of darkness but they are constantly destroying the environment.

After a lot of research, scientists came out with one good alternative option to these traditional light bulbs. CFL( compact fluorescent light bulbs) are much more energy efficient and do not have any negative effect on the environment like the traditional bulbs. But in spite of knowing all the benefits of these CFL's, people are still not limiting the use of those harmful traditional bulbs.