Healthy Eating, Nutrition, and Exercise Plan Final Project

Healthy Eating, Nutrition, and Exercise Plan Final Project
  * My Health/Nutrition Target
My nutritional heath has been a very important part of my life ever since I began taking this class and understanding more of how my body works with different foods I consume. Throughout this course I have learned the food I consume affects my life in serious and immediate ways. I also learned various ways to help improve my dieting and better my overall health with different foods I eat, different ways of cooking foods, and supplements to help provide nutrients that are necessary for my body. I plan to find a way every single day to incorporate more fruits, vegetable, and exercise to provide my body with the total nutrients it needs to function properly.
  * Changes/No Changes From My Original Healthy Eating Plan
My previous eating habits have not been as healthy as it has consisted of fast food a lot of times, meats, pasta, and bread because they do well with my digestive system. However I currently add more leafy vegetables and more diary to replace my areas of deficiency. After this week and completing the food tracker for a second time I was still very low in the amount of fruit intake. Even with the new adjustments I have made to what I consume I am still under the recommended calorie intake. When completing the food tracker I found out that in fact my total average calorie intake went down from 2806 20 2728 for a three day period. When it came to saturated fat my results were still over the limit, and with magnesium my results were under the limit as well as for potassium, and several vitamins. These results are the importance as I need to incorporate more fruits in my diet.
  * My Four Nutritional/Exercise Goals
I would like to include more nutritional and exercise goals that include incorporating more fruits and vitamin D into my diet, and also exercise more by doing more cardio exercise and...