Nutrition and Exercise Case Study
Susan Creed
Crystal Bedenbaugh
November 13, 2011
Axia College of University of Phoenix

Diet and exercise are crucial necessities in life and while it is always important to remember that, it is also important to recognize when one has fallen off a healthy track.   The best gift that can be given is help as some do not realize that help is needed.   This is where friends, family, and medical professionals come in.   Mitch is a 67 year old male who is 35 pounds overweight and has stopped all physical activity he enjoyed only three years ago.   He eats a lot of processed foods and breads.   He smokes and drinks alcohol and there is a family history of diabetes.   It is clear that Mitch needs help.  
Mitch is in dire need of some help as soon as possible.   If he continues on the path he is currently on, there are a number of health risks that he could face.   The most worrisome risk is diabetes because not only is there a family history but lack of exercise, weight gain, and a poor diet are contributing factors for diabetes.   Diabetes also increases the chances of heart disease; therefore, the issues need to be addressed as soon as possible.   Mitch’s eating habits and lack of physical activity is alarming and there needs to be a change somewhere.   At his age, Mitch’s metabolism is slowing down and this means he needs to eat less and exercise more to maintain a healthy weight.   Because Mitch is considered overweight, he may have to do a little extra physical activity and dieting to reach an appropriate weight for his height and age.  
Mitch also needs to consider quitting smoking and limiting the amount of alcohol he consumes.   While quitting smoking could possibly make weight loss harder, the benefits outweigh the possible hard work Mitch will have to endure.   If Mitch were to continue on his current path, he is already a very good candidate for diabetes and possible heart disease.   Cigarette smoking increases the odds of...