Sci 192

Responsible borrowing to me means carefully agreeing to receive a loan. Therefore, before agreeing to the procedures and policies terms, you must take the consideration. Also qualifying to receive the Pell grant is major benefit. I will use this grant to relieve the heavy financial burden of my tuition cost. Even through the loans are too expensive to pay off early; however, I could pay the interest on the loan each month, which would make it easier for me to pay it off later. The most valuable thing I learned from the video; is to never borrow more money than you actually need. The general resources link gives you lots information that is broad and not very descripted.
The general resource link has three unique categories: EBSCOhost, Gale PowerSearch, and ProQuest. EBSCOhost is concentrated in the areas of accounting and finance, education, criminal law, and creative nursing. Gale PowerSearch is concentrated in the areas of agriculture, general news, headline news, government, and sports. ProQuest is concentrated in the area of Newspapers, Journals, articles, and news forms. The specialized resources link gives you lots of specific and substantive information. Specialized resources page has multiple categories. Therefore, if you know exactly what you are searching for, it could be a whole lot easier to locate it. Specialized resources can be a good reliable source. I personally prefer the specialized resources over the general resources link; it could save you a lot of time researching. Considering, the references gives you more depth into the subject.