Nowadays, with the rapid growth of computers, there are so many attempts to induct the computers on school work. People who welcome this introduction usually say that it will benefit everyone and even the environment. However, I’d like to talk about the problem of this phenomenon and I have three distinct reasons for this.
The first problem is about an infringement of copyright. This kind of misdemeanor often happens these days because computer data can be duplicated easily. You just do ‘Ctrl+c’ and ‘Ctrl+v’ in order to copy. Because of this convenience, students are eager to find other students’ homework and infringe its copyright, instead of doing it themselves. The most serious point about this problem is that some students could not perceive how wrong their act is.
Second, digital data are not safe for hackers to attack. For instance, after students submit their work, hackers can fabricate and destroy the data easily if they want to do that. So, they can make a story in which a wrong student gets a good score. Even though protection skills are developing, they are still vulnerable.
Lastly, computer literacy can be a block to produce better schoolwork. In this situation, before studying their subjects, students have to study about computer skills in order to make better quality of work. If they do not do that, some students who are acquainted with their subjects rather than computer may produce lower work quality than other students who are very familiar with computer. In the same way, ……
In conclusion, because, as I wrote, there are some problems which are not solved yet, I have a different opinion with people who are in favor of the total use of computer on school life. Of course, I think that doing homework with computer is a kind of trend we can’t block. However, I also think that we do not follow the trend recklessly because it has drawbacks which need to be solved.

As much as possible avoid my opinion in the body. Use it only introduction and...