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Plan 1: CSI Jerusalem Film & Workshops

CLASS/ES: KS2 | DATE: 21/3/13 |
LEARNING OBJECTIVES:Educate the young people on:‐ The characters documented in The Bible surrounding the death of Jesus‐ The story of Jesus’ death and resurrection‐ Explore the Christian themes of sin, forgiveness and reconciliation‐ Allow young people to reflect on things they’ve done wrong and what the Story means to them. |
RESOURCES REQUIRED:   * CSI Jerusalem film   * Laptop, Projector and speakers   * Quiz on power point   * Tissues/Bin Bags   * Chocolate mini Easter Eggs |
Intro & Brief (2mins) | Andi | Play TrailerWelcome and set the theme |
What is Easter?(5mins) | Andi and Teachers | In small groups discuss words associated with Easter (eggs, bunnies, chocolate, Jesus etc)Then ask for each group to feedback one or two answers. |
Who killed Jesus?(3minutes) | Andi | Ask the who group who is responsible for killing Jesus from their understanding of the Easter story?(Judas, Pilate, High Priest, Roman Guards etc) – Hands up for sharing answers.Then share how we will look at answering the question through the film. |
DVD(30mins) | Volunteer to set up and play. | The DVD explores all the characters involved in Jesus’ death and then leads to the finale of Jesus’ resurrection and confession that He went freely to the cross because He loves us and wanted to make a way for us to have a relationship with God by taking our ‘wrong doings’ on and putting them to death with him. |
Who Killed Jesus? – Revisit(5minutes) | Andi & Volunteer | Ask the group are they happy with their first answer of who was responsible for killing Jesus or whether they’d like to change it.Get the group to stand up and go stand by who or what they feel was responsible for killing Jesus’ (signs around hall with each character from the film, Judas, Pilate etc...