Schools as Organisations

Homework 5

Unit 02 – Schools as Organisations

  1. Explain why schools have policies and procedures (5.1)

Schools have policies and procedures in place to support staff in their management of situations that might involve violence, threatening behaviour or abuse.

Under these policies the following areas should be covered;

-Discipline and Behaviour

-Abusive and threatening or violent situations

-Dealing with offensive weapons and knives

-Use of reasonable force

The policies and procedures of a school should encompass clear boundaries of what is acceptable and have sanctions linked with rewards.

The policies should promote respect for others, intolerance to bullying and harassment, promote the differences between right and wrong and the importance of self-discipline. All policies as set out by the governing body must take into account the needs of all pupils including those with special needs and should cover –

    • Ethos of School

    • Boundaries of behaviour

    • Positive and constructive rules of conduct

    • Rewards and punishments, which must be fairly and consistently applied.

      The Governing body has a duty to ensure that the school follows these policies but it is the Head Teacher who must decide the standards and rules and how they are enforced.

      Most Governing body policy documents cover both policy and procedure and will generally include –

    • A Statement about what the governing body wants to achieve

    • How this may be done

    • A process for monitoring and review

    • Analysis of information to evaluate the effectiveness of the policy.

    • A policy is a guiding principle which sets out the direction, they are clear simple statements.

    • A procedure describes how each policy will be put into action.

    • Policies guide decision making whilst a procedure will guide staff into action.

    • Policies reflect on the mission...