Schoolboys Life

1. For many of thousands years ago, England was an Island that had no settlers.
Thousands of years ago, Britain was an unsettled island.
2. After the 2nd word war, Britain became a big, multicultural society.
Britain became a big multicultural society after the 2nd World War.
3. Something bad about the immigration is that some people don’t respect the fact that they live in a great and nice place.
A disadvantage about the immigration is the disrespect among people do not respect their great way of living.
4. So I mean that Britain can’t be called multicultural country.
I have to say that I don´t see British as a multicultural country.
5. The answer of the last years discussions is a new points-based-immigration system developed by the UK government.
The answer of the last year´s discussion is a new immigration system developed by the UK government based on new points.
6. The first immigrants who actually came there to immigrate themselves in British society where from the lower countries from 1337-1550 (Netherlands, Belgium) and French Huguenots which were facing religious persecution.
The first to immigrate the British society from 1337-1550 were the Netherland, Belgium and French Huguenots which were facing religious persecution.  
7. Britain is a multicultural society because they have a lot of immigrants, their open to them, and it is also easier to get a job because of less restrictive employment legislation, which means that immigrants become a part of society easier.

8. With this new system, and the newly awareness of the immigration issue, British immigration is going to take a new turn, and continue in a different direction.
9. I believe that immigration to Britain has helped the nation to keep up its phase regarding technology and international trade.
10. Does immigration provide a society able to grow, or does it just introduce a new society contained with problems?
11. Immigration to Great Britain since 1922 has been substantial,...