School responsibilities
Holly Sloney
“Ughh I got another c on my math test, but that’s only because my teacher sucks at
teaching.” A student says to her friend. At high school it is a lot of studying and test. Most
students blame their successes on themselves for being smart but when they do badly it is the
teachers fault. Do you agree with this? I mean that’s like saying it’s your boss’s fault you didn’t
get all the paperwork done. Even though it was your responsibility. So I believe that in school
you get the grade you earn and that the success of a student is their responsibility.  

As I said before, it is a student’s responsibility to have their homework done and study
for tests. I think this because by the time you are in high school, you are almost an adult who
will be on their own. So that’s means you will have to take care of yourself and be responsible
for everything. Your parents won’t be there to help you all the time. So to help prepare for this
you are responsible for everything you do in school. Sure your parents will be there to guide
you a bit, but they are not going to baby you and make sure you have all your work done. The
only way that anyone can truly be successful is if they help themselves. Why should anyone else
do things to help you out? Well, they shouldn’t because it not their job to.

On the other hand, some people say that parents are responsible for their kid’s success.

Sure they have to keep their kids on track, but they can only do so much. Parents are not the
one’s in class taking notes, and tests. I think it is a parent’s job to guide their kid in the right
direction and encourage them. Ultimately, if a kid doesn’t care there is nothing a parent can do,
and the future of us teenagers lies in our hands.   So, once again, if a student wants to be
successful they need to be willing to work hard and help themselves. They can’t rely on their
parents and blame them when they fail....