Metaphors, similes, conceit and apostrophes
Y da hell, pak my bags, don’t pay da skool fees.
Mocking Bird, Harper Lee
Fone my friends, lets pick up Z,
Watch a movie, catch a chow
Leave skool and i’ll still B Wow.

Algebra, Trigonometry
Y cum 2 skool, we shud be free,
Trapped like a bird in a cage,
Doing surd with an unleashed rage.

Y go to skool
& waste ur lyf.
Keep it natural
Staying Alive,
John Travolta style.

First they fone ur ma,
Then they fone ur pa.
Y do they go so far
2 make ur lyf a living hell,
But don’t worry, they made of shell
So hollow like a church bell.
All u gotta do is keep well,
Just chill, maybe down a shot of bells.

Principals and secretarys,
Homework and stationary,
Scholars and soldiers, wats da difference
Skool is lyk a missionary

English, math and geography,
These teachers all need therapy.
Physics, IT and Biology,
Do u really wana know about ecology.

Skool shoes, skool clothes, ties and all,
Y da hell, we shud just burn them all.
Jerseys, blazers and 1 lunch break,
All these teachers are just fake.
They only want u 2 learn,
I just hope that the skool will burn.

Eminem is the past,
I am the future,
So don’t mourn
ReJoice everytym
You hear the sound of my
Remember teachers are lyk preachers
They tell u wat 2 do,
So if u need a kool guy
I’ll cum ryt owt 2 u.

Tejas Dwarkaram