\D2: Evaluate the influence of two theories of ageing on health and social care provision.
Day care Centre:
Many day care centres offer services that is beneficial to the elderly individuals, some of these services include getting access to health care services meaning that doctors or nurses will be able to look after and discuss any health conditions that the elderly may have or may be prone to getting, also how it can be prevented due to the current health conditions of an elderly individual this would be beneficial to my celebrity Serena Williams because of her current health conditions of Pulmonary Embolism. The activities provided in many day care exercise, this would keep the elderly individuals health and a little more physically mobile so that their muscles will not be stiff and they will not   feel as though cannot do basic activities by themselves such as getting up to pick up certain items. Serena would attend they day care centre because she would be a retired tennis player and she would want to keep fit even though she would not be as physically diligent as she was in her younger years. Another activity that is present in most day care centres are art and crafts would most likely include sewing, knitting and painting, these activities would allow the elderly to think creatively and use their brains in another way other than logically, I believe that Serena would attend the day care centre because she had a line called “Serena Williams Nikecourt Collection”, indicating that she may take inspiration from the work she was doing with Nike and apply it to her day care setting. The facilities provided in day care centres mostly include a library to read books and computers to use the internet or do some work, an area such as a garden or lobby to socialise with other elderly people. Serena Williams would go to the day care centre to socialise with the elderly so that she isn’t always isolated at home.
The social disengagement theory does not influence the...