School Responsibilities

Science is one of the tool subjects which were given emphasis on the present Elementary curriculum. According to BEC 2002, Science is the learning area in the elementary grade that aims to help the Filipino learners to gain a functional understanding of scientific concepts and principles linked with real life situations and to acquire scientific skills attitudes and values necessary to analyze and solve day to day problems.
Every year the Department of Education through different science associations issued a DepEd. Order or memo regarding a Science Fair in Elementary and Secondary schools which include Science quiz bee, poster making contest, Sci-dama, Science Intervention Materials and the Science Investigatory Project.
This Science activity was usually held every August to February in different levels such as Division Level, Regional Level and National Level respectively. The competition aims to promote academic excellence through camaraderie and sportsmanship.
As a Science teacher it is part of my duties and responsibilities to comply with the orders given by the Department of Education. So every year we are competing with other schools.
Science investigatory project is one of the categories that I always compete in. In science investigatory project we are going to create a project which is scientific base. This project will be defended by two pupils in team category and one for individual. The first time that we joined the contest we won first place in the district but landed as fourth place only in the division. Although a little bit disappointed because we cannot compete for the regional I just thought that this is our first time to compete and fourth place is not bad for a first timer. After a week, the Science Key Administrator of our district went to our school and told us that the Division Science Supervisor chose us to compete for the Regional Science Fair. Of course my initial reaction was overwhelming. I said yes we will...