School Lunch

Dear School Board:

School lunch, what happened? Why do prisoners get better food quality than our own students? I am just another junior student from Hamilton High School West. During my years here, I have encountered some problems with certain aspects of the school that aggravate me, as well as other students. This is my third year attending this school, and my opinion on the matter of school lunches has only increased with intensity. I understand that you want to save the school money, and are actively doing so, but some of your solutions cause malcontent among the students. The quality and prices are big factors and could very well change many things in the school.

My first complaint is the serving size. You have made the average lunch tray a small amount of the main food, an old fruit, and small milk. Lunch is the biggest meal of the day for most students. A small piece of chicken doesn’t satisfy our hunger and we continue the day wanting more to eat. There are athletes who burn lots of calories and need lots of protein to make through. If you returned the option of meal size again, but have guidelines, it would be infinitely better. For instance, have a small and large option so students may have the amount they want.

Another disappointment in the meals you provide is that they are not always decent quality. Your food ranges from good, to half cooked, to gross. While the majority of the meals are good, there are always days when some students don’t eat. I have encountered some unpleasant surprises. I used to eat breakfast in the cafeteria, and still do when bagel sandwiches are sold, but I now refuse to eat the French toast sticks because they are never cooked, they throw them in the microwave and come out frozen. Other things I have encountered are half cooked rice and mostly frozen pizza, while others have experienced things such as bad citrus, rotten apples, and molding bananas. Therefore, fruits and food should be freshly served.

While these...