School Leaving vs Cxc

“An experience that changed my views of someone”

Have you ever thought that someone you have been in contact with for the past three years would change in one week? Well it happened to me when I was put in charge of   a cadet camp 2012, which was the most stressful and disappointing day I have ever had but it made me realize who my real friend were.
This summer was suppose to be a summer of celebration with my friends since we graduated from high school, but instead I choose to go to cadet camp not knowing what I was getting myself into. All the stress started when I and two other female cadets were called into a meeting with my good friend the sergeant Major the Captain, the sergeant major and I were good friends because we had things in common such as playing pool, darts and also I always wanted to be a sergeant by the time I was seventeen and he said that he would help me get to that point. The meeting was held by the captain to inform us that we were promoted to the ranks of warrant officers, which is equivalent to the sergeant major. The captain then congratulated us on our accomplishments and later asked the sergeant major if he has anything to say.
“Nope, just hope you’re ready for the challenge!” he replied sarcastically with that smile that white people would give your when they are trying to be nice.
After the meeting we had to go out and deal with the other cadets that were our subordinates. I began to teach them a new drill and before I could teach them the second step the sergeant major was all in my face shouting and embarrassing me in front of the twenty cadets.
He later told me to leave from the area and he will teach them the correct way to the drills, so I decided to stand to the back and observe how he was doing it. Couple minutes into the lesson I notice that one of the females private seem to be feeling sick. I went up to the sergeant major and said “Sir I think that Pvt. Charles is not feeling well and I suggest that she have permission to...