School Leadership


      The core values that underlie the operation of this school are; caring, professionalism, respect, integrity, diversity, and excellence. Caring encompasses the interest, concern, compassion and kindness we demonstrate for our students, faculty, and community partners. Professionalism is created by encouraging personal development of professional qualities, which are achieved through collaboration, cooperation, and mentoring. Respect is illustrated by exemplifying good human relations, acting in a dignified professional manner, and listening to others carefully and asking for clarification when necessary. Integrity is acting in an honest, ethical and professional manner. Diversity is valuing the opportunity to develop the potential of every individual of our diverse school community. Excellence important to encourage, collaborate, and share knowledge and experience among faculty/students in developing and implementing our academic goals for advancement.

      The important symbols and ritual in the school are


  1. The leadership style of the principal of this school is that of a democratic style with emphasis on Instructional and Accountable management. He places emphasizes on group and leader participation when it come to making policies, and decisions to improve teacher instruction. He attempts to make every individual feel they are an important member of the school community, and elicits communication with various staff and faculty members, so accountability is placed on all stakeholders.

  2. The leadership style of the superintendent is that of a transformational leadership

  3. The leadership of the teachers is that of personal improvement, and academic success for all students.

  4. The education level of the principal is a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics, and a Master in Education. He has approximately thirty years of experience combined as a classroom teacher and administrator.

  5. The principal’s...