Schemas and Scripts


This case study is about my life experience on making errors in constructing memory or is known as false memory due to experience, especially schemas and scripts in the learning unit “Everyday Memory”.

“You are invited to attend to a farewell dinner party by Prefectorial Board of Chung Hwa Secondary School on 24th November of 2013”, that was the first and highlighted sentence I saw on the inviting card I got from my juniors. Yes, no doubt, I was a prefect throughout my secondary school life and pre-u life. And, I was invited to the farewell dinner party as that was my last year being a prefect. The dinner party was held in Renaissance Hotel, located in Kota Bharu, Kelantan. All the scenarios about attending a dinner party created in my mind, I was imagining according to what I saw in television programmes. I was wondering how the so-called famous hotel looked like. Was the building gold in colour just like in the movie? Was the building look so awe-inspiring like others said? Renaissance Hotel might look like what I had in my mind, I guessed.

On 24th November of 2013, I dressed elegantly and went to Renaissance Hotel for the dinner party, as mentioned in the card, “Elegance is the theme”. When I arrived, I saw a golden-orange colour building, with the words “Renaissance Hotel” on it. Oh, it was not gold in colour! Yes, it was magnificent and impressive as others said. While I was walking to the lobby, I saw four receptionists at the reception welcomed me with their bright smiles. I was brought to the grand ball room by the waiter waited at the main entrance. But, my thought was wrong. The ball room was decorated with a banner written “Thank You, our beloved seniors :)” as the backdrop, with the bright lightings around the ball room, where I thought the whole ball room would be in dark gold lightings with all the decoration decorated nicely. I met my friends who...