Sch 34

1.2Duty of care contributes to the safeguarding or protection of the individual child by having a number of policies and procedures to follow ensuring that a child’s health and safety is paramount. This is done by daily checks, risk assessments, fire drills so children are aware of where to go and what do to. House rules are in place to ensure the child has boundaries of what is acceptable behaviour. Each child has a progress plan to make sure that all individual needs are met.

Information is in my safeguarding   policies and procedures and I would seek advice from the safeguarding board in Stockton borough council or from the national childminding association who will advise and support me.


Child protection issues such as a conflict with parents, if you report them and dilemmas that i might come across

Legislation that affects how to make your decisions


UN convention on the rights of the child..
Children’s act 1989 ( the warfare of the child comes first)

Parent / carer

Providing a home for a child
Protecting and marinating the child
Disciplining the child
Choosing and proving education
Determining the religion
Allowing confidentiality about the chid to be disclosed
  Examples of conflict could be if a parent chose to discipline their child by tapping on the hand and asked me to continue this while the child was in my care in my setting I would have to refuse and explain my managing a child’s behaviour   policy.
If a boy want to play with girls toys e.g. pram and doll but the parents disallow it I would have to explain that in my equal opportunities policy I provide a range of equipment for both genders and the child has free choice of play.

Dilemmas may arise how a child care provider perceives a situation and how they feel it has been dealt with by the family, if The child care provider feels that the child’s welfare is at risk then they must intervene.  


Recording the conflict or dilemma, Risk...