Sch 32

Unit 2: Duties and responsibilities

My duties are to keep all children in the setting safe and secure by understanding and knowing
  * Health and safety procedures
  * Safe guarding
  * Child protection
  * First aid
  * Confidentiality
It’s my responsibility to make sure I know all of these fully and that I have a full understanding of the nursery system this is important in case things occur and need to be dealt with by following these procedures.
I must respect the confidentiality of information received within the setting and keep it within the setting to protect children in the setting
. I must be able to provide comfort and show affection to poorly and upset children, maintain hygiene to the standards given e.g. wearing gloves and aprons when dealing with nappies and washing hands after changing nappies and before dealing with food and encourage children to do things alone e.g. washing hands, tidying up and completing puzzles etc. .
I have to plan and take part in activities that involve all the children in the nursery for example reading books, sponge painting and outdoors activities. I welcome and greet parents when they drop their children off and pick them up so I am able to build a relationship with parents I also help children understand the routine in the setting for example sleeping pattern, lunch, dinner and outdoor play times. I’ve got to work alongside other colleagues and help settle the children at story time and snack times I also have to help prepare the tables and help dish up meals for the children and try help them feed themselves so that they learn a bit of independence.
When working in the nursery I have to deal with situations like children fighting and not sharing toys I would have to get down to their level and talk to them calmly and try to help them understand that they need to share the toys in the nursery this is important to teach children to share as they will need to know how to take turns. At nap...