Sch 3.4 Task 1.1

Duty of Care
A duty of care is a legal file which all settings should have as it protects all individuals from harm and promoted health and safety.
In my childcare setting we have to comply with the duty of care to protect all staff, children and visitors. This is done by checking and doing the following:
Every day the classroom, corridors, toilets and playground are checked to ensure that they are safe for the children. This is done before any school children arrive to promote health and safety.
There is a daily cleaning rota which is in place to ensure the setting is clean and tidy. This could be mopping up water off the floor to prevent someone from slipping over, picking coats and bags up off the corridor floor to prevent people falling over. Wiping tables after each activity is also something which is done to prevent the spread of infection.
There is always a member of staff in or nearby the classroom who is trained in first aid. This is important in case there is an incident whereby a child needs medical attention, even if it is a grazed knee. The equipment is checked weekly to ensure that there are enough of each item. E.g. plasters.
If a child has an accident whilst at school, the member of staff who was there at the time should write an accident letter for the child to take home to inform the parents. The accident book should also be filled in to log where and how it happened.
If a child arrives to school after the morning register has been taken, it is important for the member of staff to make sure the child has been to sign in at the office. This is for fire safety regulations so that if there was to be a fire, they know how many children there should be out of the building.