Scenarios on Communication

Scenarios on Communications

Norma Swenson

University of Phoenix

August 9, 2011

Scenarios of Communications

There are many ways for a person to communicate. A person could talk to someone face-to-face, on the telephone, or via the internet (Skype). A person could send written messages (such as: emails, instant messaging, text messages, or reports). This paper is going to show the best way to communicate for three different scenarios. It will give a description of the scenario and the ways of communication.

Scenario 1

A market manager for a beverage company has been given one week for his/her team to come up with a strategy for marketing a new product into the global market. The product has been tried in sports arenas and has been successful there. Being the market manager, this author has to decide which way to communicate the information to her team.

This author has decided the best way to communicate to the team would be face-to-face. The reason for this is to show the importance and the speed in which the strategy has to be done. By using the face-to-face communication, this author can help the team to come up with ideas on the spot without either side having to wait for feedback. This will help the team come up with the strategy faster.

This author would do face-to-face communication with the Vice President of Operations when conveying the strategy. This way the Vice President can give immediate feedback on anything that may need to be changed to get the strategy started. The quicker the ball is rolling the quicker the company will start to sell the product. In the long run, face-to-face communication would be best.

Scenario 2

Being the manager of 11 people in a travel agency, this author has to keep the computers up and running for the employees to use. The employees cannot get into their computers to set up travel arrangements for their clientele. This author will have to figure out why they cannot get into their computers...