Scarlet Letter

The Saxophone
By: Olivia Rodriguez

Hi my name is Selena and I’m going to tell you about Olivia Rodriguez and me.   Olivia and I have known each other for years.   We’ve had some great times together.   So let me tell you about us.
Even though we are different we are very much the same.   We like the same music and we watch football.   We also like to watch basketball.   But we would rather play the sports than watch them.   One day we would like to play lacrosse.  
We also like to hang out with friends.   I hang out with the woodwinds and brass.   She hangs out with music people and track people.   We also like to party and meet new people.   Oh shoot I should probably tell you about our personalities as well.  
For the most part we are happy and easygoing but if someone treats us wrong we get mad.   We can say things that get people mad at us and not even realize it until everything is said and done.   We can also make mistakes from time to time or get tired.   We also need to practice on being better at controlling our emotions but who doesn’t.   But even when life gets crazy we’ll be there to help you out.  
We may really like people or in my case instruments but we also like to be alone once in a while.   We most of the time we are nice about it but sometimes when we just cannot deal with people anymore we will shut you out completely.   Olivia does not like when people want to try and talk to her but she just wants to be left alone.   In the end she does realize that they do want to help her.   Well I have to go practice for band camp bye.