Jen Fabre Mark Palumbo Sociology 11/19/14

Scarface : The World is Yours On the surface layer, the movie entitled "Scarface" might seem like just another gruesome tale about the life of a drug dealing immigrant. However, this movie suggests and strongly pushes the fact that what goes up must come down. It portrays the ideology of the American dream as viewed by a Cuban refugee . This movie goes into detail on what some people are willing to do in the chase of this dream . Scarface is a story about Tony Montana, and his own rise and fall living the American dream. This story relates to many sociological foundations and topics; government, family, conflict, prejudice, deviance, culture, and the list goes on.

Tony was raised in Cuba with the absence of a father, he had no male discipline growing up in the rough and crime ridden streets of Cuba . Living in this environment during Castro's control made Tony feel as if he had no choices. He turned to a life of committing crimes in order to survive and provide for his younger sister Gina , whom he acted as father to.

Tony was just one of over 125 ,000 Cuban refugees that were exiled from Cuba by Fidel Castro in 1982 and fled to the United States . Tony, who was also known as Scarface, was a man who knew what he wanted, but did not have the patience to obtain it honorably. He and his best friend Manny were forced to stay under the highway over passes of Miami , Florida along with the other Cuban refugees . After three months of living in a camp for illegal refugees, Tony is offered a green card and a job in Miami if he assassinates one of Fidel Castro 's top men that was sent to America . He takes the offer and kills the man.

Not only did Tony gain his freedom, but this also led to an introduction to Miami's underground drug king, Frank Lopez. This opened the door to what Tony believed was his way to achieve the American dream. He is now a legal American citizen working as a dishwasher in Miami . He quits the...