Saving B-a-C-H

1. As I read on its website (, one of the distinctive characters of the B-A-C-H Chamber Orchestra is that the orchestra performers music of non - academicals genres, for example: jazz, country and especially rock music, as Yekaterinburg and St. Petersburg are considered to be the main centers of rock music in Russia. They also have new products performing different kinds of music such as Queen, The Beatles, Tango music, and Classics for Children. Even the larger chamber orchestras of St. Petersburg and Moscow have no similar programs.

As stated also, what makes B-A-C-H attractive abroad is the quality of its performance and breadth of its repertoire. I can see the repertoire comes from great and very famous masterpieces of world classics, from Handel, Bach, Mozart, and others.

In general, this orchestra is an organization which contains of national arts and cultural assets representing the nation in the international world stage. Then, in my opinion, as B-A-C-H has many distinctive characters, it does constitute as a brand. Many assume that a brand is mostly represented by a visual design, a logo, corporate identity, or also slogan, while actually they are considered as a trademark. I think the point is the differentiation, up to where the product or services is able to build a special image, unique, and different in the consumer society. Also the definition of a brand according to Kotler, Armstrong (2001: 375), brand is a name, term, sign, symbol or design, or a combination of all of these are intended to identify products or services of one seller or group and differentiate it from competitors' products.

B-A-C-H is a brand name which consists of letters or words that can be read word. Also as stated, the name B-A-C-H is recognized now, not only because of the composer but also from what Irina learned about brands.

2.   According to Kotler, the market segmentation can be defined by different descriptive characteristics which examine whether...