Save Our Wildlife

Wildlife consists of many different types of species of plants and animals.
These plants and animals serve our needs. We need them as a means of
transport,to carry out   work, to make clothes and for building purposes. They are also
a source of food and medicine. That is why we should help in anyway we can to
preserve and conserve flora and fauna.
If steps are not taken quickly to save these plants and animals,they will face
extinction.There are many ways in which extinction of plants and animals can be
prevented.People should be encouraged to recycle.Materials such as paper,plastic
and aluminium cans can be recycled.If paper is recycled,then there is no need to cut
down so many trees.Laws must be enforced to stop poaching and illegal
smuggling.These poachers are usually involved in the trading of endangered animals
because the value of these animals is higher.They catch animals such as rhinoceros
and elephants for their tusks and whales for medicine.We should not support these
people.We should not support these people.We should not buy products made from
the body parts of animals.
Forests are the habitat of animals.Today,due to man’s uncontrolled activities,
Forests are cleared for agriculture and industrial purposes.These activities are
endangering the lives of different types of flora and fauna.We should learn to recycle
and carry out only selective logging.
We should be responsible for our environment.Just as nature provides us with
so much wealth,we should in return take care of nature.