Save a Life

Imagine the excitement of a little girl getting a puppy on her birthday. Then a couple of months go by, she is no longer interested, and her parents are too busy to care for poor animal. As a result, the puppy shivers in an overcrowded shelter. Sadly, this story is all too real. Every year 8 million cats and dogs are abandoned and left at shelters in the United States (HSUS).   Precisely because so many owners can no longer afford to take care of their pets, adoption is extremely important. Rather than support pet stores, puppy mills, or breeders, potential pet owners should consider adoption and spaying and neutering their pets to reduce the growing number of homeless pets abounded in shelters.
The biggest reason for dumping pets in the U.S. is moving (CJonline).   Due to all the foreclosures, as a consequence many pets are left behind. Some owners dump their pets at shelters, while the rest are leave their pets at home to die from, starvation, dehydration, or heat exhaustion. Some might rationalize their behavior by hoping someone from the bank or city will rescue the pet. Others have no compassion and they do not look at a pet as a living, breathing creature incapable of fending for itself. They see a pet as a tossed sofa in an alley. Then there are some who are incapable of thinking what the future holds for themselves, let alone the
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responsibility for their pets. For these reasons, when you buy a pet, you need to consider why you want a pet, and ask yourself if you are ready to take on the responsibilities. If you have the time, money, and living arrangements, and did your research on a breed that have characteristics suitable to your lifestyle, then take a stroll to adopt at a shelter. Once you see the abundance of homeless pets, you will see why it is important to be sure you are prepared for a lifelong commitment before your final decision.
While some people mean well when buying animals, others do not realize they are supporting cruelty. More...