Saturday Night
Saturday Night

Slipping on my shirt and buckling my new belt, the excitement rose from my skin. After a long week and hours of draining study, Saturday nights were always looked forward to. A quick shave and a shower, my mind cleansed itself from any stress and the problems, they would have to wait.
Styling my hair to perfection with my some of my newly bought Dax wax, I was ready to go.

      Arriving at the Central Parks’ nightclub, the guys and I lined up to the I.D. check. Central Parks is the hottest club in the Westcoast. The electrifying buzz made me feel tense. I was the youngest out of my friends and still used a fake driver’s licence, I always got edgy waiting in line and approaching the bouncers.
A stern look and dark eyes, he nodded directing me inside with the rest of the crew. Relief swept over my face. I could only smile. Together we walked upstairs, the music grew louder and the adrenaline started to kick in. Paying through the second door, lights flashed and drinks spilled. After a few drinks at Johnny’s I could feel myself gradually getting tipsy. Looking over at Dan, we instinctively walked towards the bar and grabbed a beer, we made our way over to the dance floor. Bopping my head back and forth occasionally raising my hands and singing, I wasn’t much of a dancer but the alcohol works its wonders. Finding a pretty blonde with a blue dress, we danced some more and exchanged numbers. Yeah, tonight was going to be a good night.

      Brown hair and green eyes, her black handbag complimented her revealing but appropriate black laced dress. Tara was a stunning and attractive young lady. Meeting her eyes, my heart hopped into my mouth.
      ‘I didn’t know you smoked?’ she asked half surprised and lighting a cigarette of her own.
      ‘Nah I don’t, just came out with Dan to cool down a bit,’ looking over to see him engaged in conversation with three other pretty smashed girls and a quick wink back at me to ensure he’s...