1. The colour blend of the table and the lemon pie does not disgust the viewers as the colours well blend and compliment each other. This is also supported by the angle the photo was taken. The right proportion of the lemon pie and the grey brown wooden table was taken in the photo, which supports the colour blend in this particular food photography.
  2. The right amount of the decorations is shown. If more than what is visible currently in this photo was shown, the viewers’ attention would have been the raspberries not the lemon pie, the main of the photo. Also, blurring out the back of the food, gently leads the photo viewers’ eyes to the front where most of lemon pie are shown to be shiny and attractable.
  1. The colours of the raspberries and the lemon pie do not blend in well. The raspberries’ colour, red, is a very strong compared to very light yellow of the lemon pie. When the photo is viewed, the strong colour of the raspberries, take the eyes of the viewers to itself, not the lemon pie. Because of its weak colours compared to the raspberries, the lemon pie has a very weak presence even though it is the main focus of this particular food photography.
  2. The whole lemon pie should’ve been taken. Because only half of the lemon pie was photographed, the viewers can think something along the lines of ‘oh, the other half of the lemon pie could be ruined.’ This is a possible situation as the half of what is shown of the lemon pie is blurred out. To avoid these thoughts of the photo viewers, it is best to take photo of the whole lemon pie, instead of half of it.